A Beginners Guide to Organic Vegetable Gardening: Introduction to Composting, Worm Farming, No Dig Raised & Wicking Gardens Plus More… (Simple Living)

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  • Print Length: 120 pages
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  • Language: English
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A Beginners Guide to Organic Vegetable Gardening is full of information for the vegetable gardener starting out. Step by step instructions and full of beautiful photographs, tables, plans and graphics.

You will find information on:

  • Planning your garden
  • Tools that you may need or find helpful in your garden
  • Ideas for gardening in small spaces including pallet garden plans and photos
  • Information and graphics on building wicking garden bed, this hot new concept from Australia
  • Great information and tips on watering your garden
  • Organic fertilisers for your garden
  • Dealing with pests and other common vegetable garden problems
  • All important mulching
  • Everything from growing transplanting and collection your seeds
  • Get the best out of your soil & understanding your soil type
  • Composting and worm farming basic to improve your soil
  • The benefits of heirloom plants including a list of the most popular
  • Basic companion planting including a detailed table
  • Create a awesome no-dig garden
  • Plans and instructions to build your own raised garden beds
  • Additional tips for a healthy garden and introduction to methods for storing your crops
  • Get involved in your community with an introduction to community gardens

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