Advances in Nutraceuticals and Functional Foods: Concepts and Applications

2022 | ISBN: 1774637529 | English | 360 pages | PDF/EPUB | 25/10 MB

This book examines the rapidly growing field of functional foods in the prevention and management of chronic and infectious diseases. Chapters explore the varied sources, biochemical properties, metabolics, health benefits, and safety of bioactive ingredients of nutraceutical and functional food products. Special emphasis is given to linking the molecular and chemical structures of biologically active components in foods to their nutritional and pharmacological effects on human health and wellness. In addition to discussing scientific and clinical rationales for different sources of functional foods, the book also explains in detail scientific methodologies used to investigate the functionality, effectiveness, and safety of bioactive ingredients in food.
The chapter authors discuss advanced nanocarriers for nutraceuticals based on structured lipids and nonlipids, nanoparticulate approaches for improved nutrient bioavailability, adulteration and safety issues, nanodelivery systems, microencapsulation, and more. The book discusses some particular health benefits from nutrition nutraceuticals, including probiotic dairy and non-dairy products and bioactive proteins and peptides as functional foods. The volume also gives an overview of emerging trends, growth patterns, and new opportunities in the field of nutraceuticals and functional foods.