Advocacy for SQE2 A Guide to Legal Practice

English | 2022 | ISBN: 9781003134770 | 341 pages | True PDF | 3.18 MB

Advocacy for SQE2: A Guide to Legal Practice is the first in a new series of books aimed at those preparing for SQE2, providing a comprehensive overview of everything you need to successfully pass the SQE2 advocacy assessment.
Split into the two practice sections that candidates may be tested on – dispute resolution (civil) as well as criminal litigation – the book covers the basics of court procedure in both areas, so that you fully understand the role, duties and responsibilities of an advocate. In line with the requirements of SQE2, it also tests the competency skills required of an advocate in legal practice such as planning and organisation, drafting, legal research, presenting a reasoned argument, witness handling, observation, exercising judgment and the application of knowledge and decision-making. It also includes a range of supporting features, including
In Summary sections
Key Practice Cases
Practice Tips
Practice Risks
Problem Based Exercises
Realistic Case Scenarios
Self-Reflection Checklist
Further supporting materials are also provided on the companion website.
Written by an author with practice experience and early involvement in the planning and development of the SQE itself, this unique book will be essential reading for any candidate wishing to be fully prepared for their SQE2 advocacy assessment.