Analysis of Fork-Join Systems Network of Queues with Precedence Constraints

English | 2022 | ISBN: 9781003150077 | 104 pages | True PDF | 5.69 MB

With the boom of big data and machine learning and the subsequent need for parallel processing technologies, fork-join queues are more relevant now than ever before. In this book, new estimates of the average response time in fork-join queues are proposed, which form the basis for new research opportunities.
Analysis of Fork-Join Systems: Network of Queues with Precedence Constraints explores numerical approaches to estimate the average response time of fork-join queueing networks and offers never before published simple expressions for the mean response time as conjectures. Extensive experiments are included to demonstrate the remarkable accuracy of the conjectures and algorithms used in the estimation of the average response time.
Graduate students, professors, and researchers in the fields of operations research, management science, industrial engineering, computer science, and electrical engineering will find this book very useful. Students, as well as researchers in both academia and industry, will also find this book of great help when looking for results related to fork-join queues