Application of Big Data in Petroleum Streams

English | 2022 | ISBN: 1032028963 | 183 Pages | PDF True | 7.4 MB

The book aims to provide comprehensive knowledge and information pertaining to application or implementation of big data in the petroleum industry and its operations (such as exploration, production, refining and finance).
The book covers intricate aspects of big data such as 6Vs, benefits, applications, implementation, research work and real-world implementation pertaining to each petroleum-associated operation in a concise manner that aids the reader to apprehend the overview of big data’s role in the industry.
The book resonates with readers who wish to understand the intricate details of working with big data (along with data science, machine learning and artificial intelligence) in general and how it affects and impacts an entire industry. As the book builds various concepts of big data from scratch to industry level, readers who wish to gain big data-associated knowledge of industry level in simple language from the very fundamentals would find this a wonderful read.