Application of Intelligent Systems in Multi-modal Information Analytics: The 4th International Conference…, Volume 2

English | 2022 | ISBN: 978-3-031-05484-6 | 1132 pages | True PDF, EPUB | 103 MB

This book provides comprehensive coverage of the latest advances and trends in information technology, science and engineering. Specifically, it addresses a number of broad themes, including multi-modal informatics, data mining, agent-based and multi-agent systems for health and education informatics, which inspire the development of intelligent information technologies. The book covers a wide range of topics such as AI applications and innovations in health and education informatics; data and knowledge management; multi-modal application management; and web/social media mining for multi-modal informatics. Outlining promising future research directions, the book is a valuable resource for students, researchers and professionals and a useful reference guide for newcomers to the field. This book is a compilation of the papers presented in the 4th International Conference on Multi-modal Information Analytics, held online, on April 23, 2022.