ArtistTeacher Practice and the Expectation of an Aesthetic Life

English | 2022 | ISBN: 9781003285755 | 223 pages | True PDF | 10.32 MB

This book explores why and how the personal creative practice of arts teachers in school matters. It responds to ethnographic research that considers specific works-of-art created by teachers within the context of their classrooms.
Through a classroom-based ethnographic investigation, the book proposes that the potential impact of artist-teacher practice in the classroom can only be understood in relation to the flows of power and policy that concurrently shape the classroom. It shows how artist-teacher practice functions as a creative practice of freedom tending to the present and future aesthetic life of the classroom, countering the effects of neoliberal schooling and austerity politics. The book questions what the artist-teacher can produce within that context.
Through the unique focus on artist-teacher practice, the book explores the changing nature of the classroom and the social and political dimensions of the school. It will be key reading for researchers and postgraduate students of arts education, critical pedagogy, teacher identity and aesthetics. It will also be of interest to art and design educators.