Authentic Okonomiyaki Recipes Made Easy: The Taste of Japan at Your Comfort

English | 2022 | ISBN: B09XGR9F3B | 74 pages | AZW3 PDF | 12 MB

Japanese cuisine should be on the top of your list when looking for new cuisines to experiment with. With a variety of delicacies, every Japanese food has a different traditional twist of its own. Every food tells a unique homemade story, from plain Miso Soup to the world-famous Sushi. So, if you wish to bring that traditional delight to your dining table, you are at the right place. This guide to some of the best Okonomiyaki recipes will be a perfect first step to Japanese cuisine.
This book includes a variety of recipes ranging from the regional Osaka-style Okonomiyaki to various experimented recipes like the Pickled Octopus Okonomiyaki. Using a little bit of love, effort, and following the given steps properly, your Japanese-style Okonomiyaki should be ready in no time. So, what are you waiting for? Pick your favorite ones or maybe try everything, and let your magic spread with the aroma of your Okonomiyaki.