Beginners Thanksgiving Cookbook: Amazing Thanks Giving Ideas

English | ISBN: B09JKR3L7J | 73 pages | PDF, EPUB, AZW | 2021 | 22 MB

Making a Thanksgiving dinner is always an intimidating affair, regardless of how many times you have done it. You want to make it a perfect meal for the whole family, and especially if you have in-laws and other relatives coming, the pressure doubles.
Now, when you are a beginner, this is even worse because a thanksgiving meal has to be perfect, and it also has to feature all the favorites – turkey, mashed potatoes, greens, etc.
But, you shouldn’t worry if we are describing you. This cookbook is perfect for beginners. You don’t even need to have prior cooking experience. It’s been made easy and simple for you. We have taken the pressure off of thanksgiving and given you a step-by-step guide of all the meals you would expect to make on thanksgiving.
We have also included deserts and drinks that go well with these meals, so you have everything at hand when the guests arrive.