Beyond Basic Vocabulary: Simple Ways to Speak with Sophistication : Verbs: Volume 3

English | 182 pages | Tyler Chiu | Feb 23, 2022 | B09T9LGR1K | EPUB | 8.97 Mb

Great for ESL learners or native English speakers, this book will get you to the next level.
Beyond Basic Vocabulary works with and for you, regardless of your English level, because each lesson develops your existing vocabulary. The book focuses on enhancing your existing way of speaking rather than simply adding endless amounts of impractical vocabulary, which you’ll probably never use any way.
An innovative, logical approach for building your professional vocabulary.
Ever heard of the “add-on” method?
Most people use this method to learn English or other languages. It’s when you attempt, painfully, to add large numbers of words on top of a basic vocabulary.
But it rarely works… Why?
The “add-on” method is a losing battle. Obscure vocabulary is often random and unpractical so you’ll rarely get a chance to practice those words in real life situations.
And guess what?
That’s right: if you don’t lose it, you’ll lose it.
So Beyond Basic Vocabulary is different. It targets basic, everyday vocabulary and strengthens it with vocabulary that is more professional and developed.
Advance Your Career Prospects
Often, it’s the small things that matter because they add up over time.
That’s why even small adjustments to your vocabulary can change the way you speak and take you from unclear to precise, and from simple to sophisticated.
And when you put to use these small changes, you can change the way you’re seen by your peers while increasing your professional potential.
Make Vocabulary: Easy, Fun, and Natural.
Beyond Basic Vocabulary lessons include some of the following features to get you to the next level
– Comparisons of similar words to highlight their differences
– Rules for usage of each word, so you understand the context
– Common pairs for each word
– Examples of use to be able to put new words into practice right away
– Review exercises to ensure recall and long-term retention
Immediate Improvements Noticeable from Day 1!
Sometimes we have to wait for a rare opportunity to practice new vocabulary when learning a new language. But the problem is that if we don’t practice right away, it’s difficult to retain what we’ve learned.
Because Beyond Basic Vocabulary targets and improves basic vocabulary, you don’t have to wait to use what you’ve learned. In fact, you can start using your new skills immediately!
The sooner you practice your new words, the greater chances you’ll have for better retention. This will help you to use them in an easier and more natural way.
So if you’re ready to take your English skills to the next level, click on the “buy now” button to start your journey in making English more fun, easy, and natural while advancing your career prospects to build the future you’ve been dreaming of.