Borate Phosphors: Processing to Applications

English | 2022 | ISBN: 1032075740 | 321 Pages | PDF True | 25 MB

Borate-based phosphors have attracted much attention, due to their high optical stability, low-cost synthesis via conventional and non-conventional methods and resulting technology to be environmentally friendly. This book discusses the structural and chemical parameters of borates as a phosphor including suitable synthesis methods and proper characterization of materials. Further, it includes applications of borate materials such as photoluminescence, UV application, UVU application, photo therapy application and radiological applications.
Provides information on borate phosphors and their structure.
Aids selection of proper structural and functional borates used in applications based on phosphor technology.
Discloses the modification in properties of borate functional group upon mixing or substitution with other metallic functional groups.
Discusses biological applications such as photo-thermal heating-based therapy, temperature sensors, imaging, and diagnosis.
Includes current trends and innovations, limitations and challenges, prospects, and scope in each chapter.
This book is aimed at researchers and graduate students in inorganic materials, luminescent/optical materials, materials science/engineering, and physics.