Community, Civic Engagement and Democratic Governance in Africa: The Case of Ghana

English | 2022 | ISBN: 978-3-030-97741-2 | 143 pages | True PDF, EPUB | 4.24 MB

This book explores how community influences civic engagement, focusing on the case of Ghana. It offers an interdisciplinary perspective to those studying psychology, political development and civic engagement in African countries. Previous research has shown that the social and economic context in which an individual interacts influences their political behaviors and attitudes, and that personal characteristics account for differences in political behavior and attitudes. This work moves away from the cultural demographics of a person, which often take center stage in existing investigations of partisan political behavior in the African context, and addresses the following five questions:(1) To what extent do individual traits influence civic engagement in Ghana?
(2) To what extent is community identity similar or different in small rural villages versus large metropolitan areas in Ghana and how does community identity influence civic engagement?
(3) To what extent does trust influence civic engagement in Ghana?
(4) What factors and activities influence political knowledge and how does political knowledge influence civic engagement?
(5) What is the status of women in civic engagement?