Competitive Trends and Technologies in Business Management

English | 2022 | ISBN: 1685076122 | 172 pages | True PDF | 5.57 MB

This book explains the global business management domain in the current scenario and it covers the latest concepts in business and technologies applied for their successful implementation. The growth of global corporations has led to the development of new business strategies by the applications of new technologies. The critical success factors of business management depend on the successful applications of information systems and information technologies. To achieve competitive advantages, business management is applying strategies from technological perspectives for various concepts such as customer relationship management, cost management, marketing management, etc. Competitive Trends and Technologies in Business Management describes the applications and concept of IS in business management and presents the success stories of business. The book assesses competitive business management from an IS and IT perspective, examining business development policies linked to the profitability of global firms. The book covers comprehensive topics such as use of green technology in business processes, machine learning in business education, and artificial intelligence in the business sector. This book will drive readers to actively think through the most fundamental business concepts developed by IS and IT in the current competitive landscape and provides answers to questions such as: what are the new drivers of Business Management? and how do businesses apply IS and IT? The current Covid pandemic has caused serious financial loss to developing countries, and this book will help to explore new options of expanding markets for businesses by the applications of IS and IT.