Complex, Intelligent and Software Intensive Systems: Proceedings of the 16th International Conference (CISIS-2022)

English | 2022 | ISBN: 978-3-031-08812-4 | 609 pages | True PDF, EPUB | 135 MB

Software intensive systems are systems, which heavily interact with other systems, sensors, actuators, devices, other software systems, and users. More and more domains are involved with software intensive systems, e.g., automotive, telecommunication systems, embedded systems in general, industrial automation systems, and business applications. Moreover, the outcome of web services delivers a new platform for enabling software intensive systems.
Complex systems research is focused on the overall understanding of systems rather than its components. Complex systems are very much characterized by the changing environments in which they act by their multiple internal and external interactions. They evolve and adapt through internal and external dynamic interactions.
The development of intelligent systems and agents, which is each time more characterized by the use of ontologies and their logical foundations, builds a fruitful impulse for both software intensive systems and complex systems. Recent research in the field of intelligent systems, robotics, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, and cognitive sciences is a very important factor for the future development and innovation of software intensive and complex systems.
The aim of the book “Complex, Intelligent and Software Intensive Systems” is to deliver a platform of scientific interaction between the three interwoven challenging areas of research and development of future ICT-enabled applications: software intensive systems, complex systems, and intelligent systems.