Creating a New Management University

English | 2022 | ISBN: 9781003017844 | 358 pages | True PDF | 9.61 MB

This book provides an in-depth exploration of one of the most significant success stories of the development of an entrepreneurial university in recent times as well as its role within society and the economy. Written by leading business school Dean and scholar, Howard Thomas, and Alex Wilson and Michelle Lee, the book tracks the genesis of the idea of a third local university in Singapore to its fruition as Singapore Management University (SMU). It provides important insight and lessons for senior university and business school leaders, as well as regional and national governments.
The increasing emphasis on the importance of innovative, entrepreneurial universities for social and economic growth has prompted this review of the strategy and impact of SMU. The book addresses the strategic evolution of SMU itself, from its origins as a single business school, into a multi-school, social science-focused school of management. It examines whether it has fulfilled its promise as an entrepreneurial university and a change agent in the context of Singapore’s strong economic growth and educational strategy. More broadly, it explores how investment in education, and entrepreneurial universities such as SMU, can facilitate and enhance economic growth.
University leadership teams, policy analysts, faculty and students of entrepreneurship education, education management and policy in general, and business education in particular, will find this book an invaluable insight into building a genuinely entrepreneurial university.