Creating & Evaluating Opportunities: For the Entrepreneur For the Investor For the Job Seeker

English | January 4, 2022 | ISBN: 1737295849 | 183 pages | EPUB | 3.67 Mb

Creating and Evaluating Opportunities, part of the McCarley International Become the CEO of Your Life series, is for entrepreneurs, investors, job seekers, and everyone creating or evaluating a new opportunity. It unveils a unique and game-changing methodology for creating or evaluating opportunities. Until now, most of us were left empty handed when trying to determine if we should take a chance with a startup, if an investment is wise, or if we should accept a job offer with a new company. Now we present a solid methodology for completing a structured analysis for making these decisions. When this methodology is used you can assess the opportunity and improve your odds of making a sound investment of time and money.Fundamentally, this is a book of questions: questions that are the product of decades of experience by the authors. Our experiences range from startups to Global 100 companies. As you read each chapter of the book, you’ll answer key questions we’ll provide but you’ll also think of your own questions you’ll want to answer. Using your insights, you’ll then score each aspect of the opportunity providing an overall view of the quality of the opportunity. We have found going through this structured process provides better decision making and new findings that ultimately will improve your success and allow you to accomplish great things!