Digital Transformation Strategy, Execution, and Technology

English | 2022 | ISBN: 9781003311393 | 156 pages | True PDF | 1.86 MB

Digital transformation is a multidimensional concept and involves many moving parts. Successful digital transformation requires a fresh approach to harnessing people, processes, technology, and data to develop new business models and digital ecosystems. One main barrier could be an overemphasis on applying technology to expand the business rather than transforming the people’s mindsets to do things differently. Thus, it is important to develop a holistic view of these parts and assemble them to foster the right conditions for digital transformation to happen. Business leaders and executives must be equipped with a wide range of digital competencies to thrive in a rapidly changing digital environment.
Digital Transformation: Strategy, Execution, and Technology provides an overall view on the strategy, execution, and technology for organizations aiming to transform digitally. It offers insights on how to become more successful in the digital age by explaining the importance and relevance of the various building blocks which form the foundation of a digital organization. It shows the reader how to develop these building blocks in the organization as part of the digital transformation journey from both a business and technical perspective.
Highlights of the book include

Digital transformation strategy
Digital governance and risk management
Digital organization and change management
Experimental learning and design thinking
Digital product management
Agile and DevSecOps
Digital enterprise architecture
Business applications of digital technology
This practical guide is written keeping business and information technology professionals and digital transformation practitioners in mind. It is also suitable for students pursuing postgraduate degrees and participants attending executive education programs in business and information technology.