Django for Professionals: Production websites with Python & Django 4.0

English | 2022 | ISBN: 1735467235 | 303 pages | True PDF EPUB MOBI | 42.33 MB

Completely updated for Django 4.0!
Django for Professionals takes your web development skills to the next level, teaching you how to build production-ready websites with Python and Django.
Once you have learned the basics of Django there is a massive gap between building simple “toy apps” and what it takes to build a “production-ready” web application suitable for deployment to thousands or even millions of users.
In the book you’ll learn how to:
Build a Bookstore website from scratch
Use Docker and PostgreSQL locally to mimic production settings
Implement advanced user registration with email
Customize permissions to control user access
Write comprehensive tests
Adopt advanced security and performance improvements
Add search and file/image uploads
Deploy with confidence
If you want to take advantage of all that Django has to offer, Django for Professionals is a comprehensive best practices guide to building and deploying modern websites.
“If you’re looking for a guide into the world of Django, then the three-step of Django for Beginners , Django for APIs , and Django for Professionals is ideal: get up and running, get into APIs, which are a cornerstone of modern app development, and then add the bits you need to your fledging app into production, from databases and static files, to user accounts and security. It’s a long road. Will’s books are an awesome companion.” —CARLTON GIBSON, Django Fellow and Django REST Framework core contributor
“When readers interested in web development ask me what to read next after Python Crash Course, I refer them to Will’s books: Django for Beginners , Django for APIs , and Django for Professionals . I highly recommend you check out his work.” —ERIC MATTHES, author of Python Crash Course
“Will’s books are a fantastic resource for web development with Django and Python. I highly recommended them.” —JEFF TRIPLETT, Python Software Foundation Director , DEFNA President , and REVSYS Partner