Emergent Behavior in System of Systems Engineering: Real-World Applications

English | 2022 | ISBN: 036775035X | 279 pages | True PDF | 14.52 MB

“This book compiles real-world case studies on discovering, understanding and engineering emergent behaviors in a computational environment across multiple application domains such as wargaming, biology, IoT, disaster management and space architecting. All the application domains are described through an undercurrent of System of Systems (SoS) engineering in conjunction with theoretical foundations required for engineering a Modeling and Simulation SoS capable of displaying valid emergent behavior. An excellent read and state-of-the-art in M&S of emergent behavior in complex systems!”
— Dr. Saurabh Mittal , Department Chief Scientist, The MITRE Corporation
This book is the of its kind to address real-world applications of the phenomenon of emergent behavior in real-world system of systems. It launches from the foundation of theory and basic understanding of the subject of emergent behavior as found in system of systems applications. It includes real-world examples where emergent behavior is manifested.
Each chapter addresses the following major points, which are exploratory in nature: the physical results of the presence of emergent behavior; the implications for the existence of emergent behavior; the manifestation of emergent behavior; and methods to either control emergent behavior assuming its effects are negative in nature, or capitalize on emergent behavior given its effects are positive in nature.