Environmental Economics and Sustainability

English | ISBN: 1119328209 | 2017 | 328 pages | PDF | 4 MB

Global environmental issues such as climate change and rapid waste accumulation represent some of the greatest threats facing the planet. And with an overwhelming scientific consensus now all but confirming the link between a warming earth and human activity, sustainability has emerged as one of the most pressing issues of our 21st-century world. Environmental Economics and Sustainability presents a collection of peer-reviewed research articles that reveal the current state of our knowledge in the increasingly important field of environmental economics.
Featuring the latest research findings from renowned international experts in the field, readings also reveal a host of contemporary challenges and inspire directions for further study. Chapters offer the most cutting-edge information on such topics as the economics of environment and climate change, air pollution evaluation, CO2 emissions, environmental sustainability, waste management, household recycling, cultural evolution, environmental innovations, the current international environmental agreement, and more. Timely and essential, Environmental Economics and Sustainability offers illuminating insights into ways of meeting the needs of today’s world while preserving our planet for future generations.