Essentials of Economics, 5th edition (2022)

English | 2022 | ISBN: 0655702873 | 800 pages | True EPUB | 44.08 MB

The 5th Edition of Essentials of Economics reflects the current economic climate and contemporary issues of immediate relevance to students, from the growth in cryptocurrencies to the global COVID-19 pandemic. Now with case studies representing over six countries, the 5th edition is valuable and relatable in the diverse economics classroom.
The only Economics text that includes current full Australian articles and teaching applications throughout the text. Essentials of Economics includes solved problems within chapters to keep students focused on the main ideas of each chapter and empowers them to develop their maths or literacy skills.
The question ‘Why am I here, and will I ever use this?’ is asked throughout the text, prompting students to apply the teachings to their own lives, perspectives and the real-world.