Extend Your Mind: Praxis Volume 2

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Extend Your Mind documents Tiago Forte’s journey researching how to build a “second brain,” a repository of valuable knowledge gained throughout life. He started using software to support his own writing process and for managing his business, but quickly found that all kinds of people were hungry for new ways of using their knowledge to produce tangible results at work and in life.

This research became the online course Building a Second Brain (https://www.buildingasecondbrain.com), which teaches people how to save everything they learn, organize their digital life, and use their knowledge to execute on creative projects. People from dozens of industries and professions and from all over the world have taken the course, developing a “second brain” of their own.

This book contains 19 essays written in 2017 and previously published on the Praxis blog (https://praxis.fortelabs.co/) for paying members. It includes summaries and dissections of influential books, explorations of how ideas from other fields (like engineering, telecommunications, manufacturing, evolutionary theory, sports instruction, art history, and others) might teach us something about modern productivity, and stories of Tiago’s own personal learning process as he searched for the principles of extended cognition.

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