Family Friendly Dinners in Under 30 Minutes: Create Delicious, Easy Meals for The Whole Family to Enjoy in Under 30 Minutes!

Martha Stone | 2018 | ISBN: 1726611736 | English | 110 pages | ePUB | 2 MB

This recipe book will teach you that you don’t have to be a masterchef in order to prepare delicious, nutritious and family friendly food – forget hours spent in the kitchen cooking up a storm in a hurry, because these recipes make your life worlds easier. Soon you’ll have a list of family favorites that you can whip out any night of the week like you’ve been doing it for years! Have the kids asking for seconds with tomatoey tuna bolognese that tastes just like the classic or become a master at hiding essential grains and vegetables in the quick and easy salmon cakes.
This book of family meals in under 30 minutes will teach you to use what you have leftover in your fridge or pantry, and it will open your eyes to great ingredients you may have never thought of using. We know that having extra time on your hands is precious, especially when you have kids, so hold this recipe book close and use it as your secret weapon to get in and out of the kitchen in a flash, while preparing crowd favorite meals in the process. Say goodbye to cooking under stressful time limits, and enjoy the fun and freedom of these easy, quick 30 minute dinners.