Fundamentals of Image, Audio, and Video Processing Using MATLAB®

English | 2021 | ISBN: 0367895242, 0367748347 | 398 pages | True EPUB | 37.76 MB

Fundamentals of Image, Audio, and Video Processing Using MATLAB ® introduces the concepts and principles of media processing and its applications in pattern recognition by adopting a hands-on approach using program implementations. The book covers the tools and techniques for reading, modifying, and writing image, audio, and video files using the data analysis and visualization tool MATLAB®.
Key Features:
Covers fundamental concepts of image, audio, and video processing
Demonstrates the use of MATLAB® on solving problems on media processing
Discusses important features of Image Processing Toolbox, Audio System Toolbox, and Computer Vision Toolbox
MATLAB® codes are provided as answers to specific problems
Illustrates the use of Simulink for audio and video processing
Handles processing techniques in both the Spatio-Temporal domain and Frequency domain
This is a perfect companion for graduate and post-graduate students studying courses on image processing, speech and language processing, signal processing, video object detection and tracking, and related multimedia technologies, with a focus on practical implementations using programming constructs and skill developments. It will also appeal to researchers in the field of pattern recognition, computer vision and content-based retrieval, and for students of MATLAB® courses dealing with media processing, statistical analysis, and data visualization.
Dr. Ranjan Parekh , PhD (Engineering), is Professor at the School of Education Technology, Jadavpur University, Calcutta, India, and is involved with teaching subjects related to Graphics and Multimedia at the post-graduate level. His research interest includes multimedia information processing, pattern recognition, and computer vision.