Geophysical Monitoring for Geologic Carbon Storage

English | 2022 | ISBN: 1119156831 | 467 pages | True PDF EPUB | 120.19 MB

Geophysical Monitoring for Geologic Carbon Storage
Storing carbon dioxide in underground geological formations is emerging as a promising technology to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere. A range of geophysical techniques can be deployed to remotely track carbon dioxide plumes and monitor changes in the subsurface, which is critical for ensuring for safe, long-term storage.
Geophysical Monitoring for Geologic Carbon Storage provides a comprehensive review of different geophysical techniques currently in use and being developed, assessing their advantages and limitations.
Volume highlights include:
Geodetic and surface monitoring techniques
Subsurface monitoring using seismic techniques
Subsurface monitoring using non-seismic techniques
Case studies of geophysical monitoring at different geologic carbon storage sites
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