Green Scenarios: Mining Industry Responses to Environmental Challenges of the Anthropocene Epoch

English | 2022 | ISBN: 1032222123 | 386 pages | True PDF | 59.19 MB

This book aims to present an alternative based on natural processes and an environmental approach to post-excavation site management, e.g., post-coal mining heaps. These sites are places where various mineral excavation by-products are collected. Nevertheless, some post-mineral excavation sites are oligotrophic, terrestrial, wetland, and water habitat islands, providing unique biodiversity enrichment in the landscape. These oligotrophic mineral habitats are essential in over-fertilized, eutrophic, agricultural and urban-industry surroundings. Some post-mineral excavation sites are places where the wildlife can develop and support the functional processes of novel ecosystems. Implementing the newest biogeochemical and comprehensive knowledge into urban-industry landscape management will help to establish the ecosystem’s processes and environmental functioning.