Handbook of Dynamic Data Driven Applications Systems

English | PDF | 2018 | 734 Pages | ISBN : 3319955039 | 32.5 MB

The Handbook of Dynamic Driven Applications Systems establishes an authoritative reference of DDDAS, pioneered by Dr. Darema and the co-authors for researchers and practitioners developing DDDAS technologies.
Beginning with general concepts and history of the paradigm, the text provides 32 chapters by leading experts in10 application areas to enable an accurate understanding, analysis, and control of complex systems; be they natural, engineered, or societal
Earth and Space Data Assimilation
Aircraft Systems Processing
Structures Health Monitoring
Biological Data Assessment
Object and Activity Tracking
Embedded Control and Coordination
Energy-Aware Optimization
Image and Video Computing
Security and Policy Coding
Systems Design
The authors explain how DDDAS unifies the computational and instrumentation aspects of an application system, extends the notion of Smart Computing to span from the high-end to the real-time data acquisition and control, and manages Big Data exploitation with high-dimensional model coordination.