Handbook of Research of Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems

English | 2022 | ISBN: 9781003277323 | 681 pages | True PDF | 57.5 MB

This new volume discusses how integrating IoT devices and cyber-physical systems can help society by providing multiple efficient and affordable services to users. It covers the various applications of IoT-based cyber-physical systems, such as satellite imaging in relation to climate change, industrial control systems, e-healthcare applications, security uses, automotive and traffic monitoring and control, urban smart city planning, and more. The authors also outline the methods, tools, and algorithms for IoT-based cyber-physical systems and explore the integration of machine learning, blockchain, and Internet of Things-based cloud applications.
With the continuous emerging new technologies and trends in IoT technology and CPS, this volume will be a helpful resource for scientists, researchers, industry professionals, faculty and students, and others who wish to keep abreast of new developments and new challenges for sustainable development in Industry 4.0.