Handmade Chocolate : A “How-To” Simple Recipies Cookbook

English | 2021 | ASIN: B09HKPVHC2 | 38 Pages | EPUB | 0.14 MB

Making your own traditional and handmade chocolates is an amazing experience!
The author’s first contact with the art of handmade candy making was in a shop in the English countryside – and he was astonished! Since the Confectioner refused to share his secrets and there were few books available on candy making, he had to figure things out himself. He realized that this was what he wanted to continue in his life, so he created his own brand, “Handmade Candies”.
Enjoy mouth-watering recipes and insights for all kinds of candy you can imagine!
He has learned to make a wide range of quality handcrafted chocolates with unique textures and surprising flavors. His candies are made using traditional methods and contain no gluten, preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors! This book contains 25 of his chocolate recipes and methods that anyone can make at home. It is also a great opportunity to have children in the kitchen. No need to attend workshops! you will enjoy making chocolates as much as he does.