How to Analyze People: Dark Psychology Secrets to Read Body Language and Avoid Covert Manipulation. Influence Anyone to Do What You Want Using Mind Control, Hypnotism and Brainwashing Techniques

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  • Published: June 12th 2019
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If you want to keep your life and mind under your own control, then keep reading.

Are you always sure that people around you are telling the truth? Are you always sure to understand their real intentions?
A lot of people don’t even realize that almost everyone wears a mask and “Dark Manipulators” are all around us, ready to find another victim.

Luckily you are about to begin a journey into the deepest and most secret areas of the mind that will lead you to understand perfectly the most effective strategies of manipulation and persuasion.

Analyzing people is the first skill you need to avoid manipulative personality types and recognize the truth in your everyday relationships: you will understand how to instantly read body language and decode sentiments and behaviors.

Moreover, you will be able to use these powerful skills to influence people and obtain virtually anything you want (remember that through HONEST manipulation you can easily create win/win situation for yourself and others).

You will learn:

How to instantly read anyone and decode non-verbal communication The unusual movements that always reveal the truth about real emotions and real intentions The recurring and unmistakable signs that you are dealing with a liar Unusual brainwashing techniques to obtain total mind control The power of manipulation, persuasion and hypnosis Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) strategies How to influence people and condition their behavior manipulating their subconscious mind Tips and strategies to defend yourself from manipulators BONUS CHAPTER: frequently asked questions about dark psychology You absolutely cannot ignore the secrets of Dark Psychology.

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