How to Prepare your Home for Any Disaster: A 101 Emergency Manual to Hunker Down with the Best Survival Strategies

English | 2022 | ASIN : B0B13B5RLY | 115 pages | AZW PDF | 1 Mb

Events such the Hurricane Katrina, the COVID pandemic, and the recent war in Ukraine have made almost everyone understand the importance of survival prepping. But still, very few people know how to develop a long-term preparedness plan to meet the whole family’s water, food, heat, and medical needs if a disaster should occur. Especially in case of a power outage!
So if you’re struggling to find beginner-friendly and comprehensive information to be ready to face the unpredictable, then THIS is the guide you were looking for.
In “How to Prepare your Home for Any Disaster,” you’ll discover
How to ANTICIPATE every possible kind of disaster and fortify the different parts of your home with functional yet straightforward strategies: planning ahead is your best chance of survival!
First Aid 101: be ready to deal with any emergency-related health issue, and discover how to pack the right tools and meds for YOU and YOUR family.
Easy-to-follow and practical techniques to successfully start a fire, cook, and always have access to clean water, heat and light, no matter what is going on in the outside world, and even if you’re off the grid.
How to set up long-term water storage and effectively prepare your emergency food pantry so nothing is wasted and your family can meet their dietary needs at all times. With practical examples of the best kinds of food to stock!
How to protect your house in case of a chemical or biological attack. Discover the supplies you need and the strategies to implement even in THIS kind of emergency.
How to involve the whole family and have everyone ready to calmly face what is going on in case of hunkering down… children included! Remember that developing an effective Family Communication Plan can increase your loved ones’ chances of survival!
The number one tip you should never forget when prepping for sheltering in place: don’t even think about getting started if you miss this one crucial step!
And… so much more!