Iboga The Root Of All Healing

English | 2021 | ISBN: 1838446214 | 278 pages | EPUB | 0.57 MB

Iboga is an ultra-powerful psychoactive root native to western Equatorial Africa. To African Bwitists and shamans, iboga is a divine sacrament and the cornerstone of their spiritual path. To growing numbers of westerners discovering meaning and healing through psychedelic exploration, iboga is a profoundly competent psychotherapist. For those addicted to harmful substances, iboga, and it’s alkaloid – ibogaine, represents a potent means of interrupting addictions, particularly to opioid based compounds. However, like iboga itself, this book is not solely for the benefit of addicts.
Iboga occupies a unique and traditionally mutually exclusive intersection point where the world of hard drug users meets that of spiritual seekers. Iboga, The Root of All Healing was written to address this intersection point. It shines a long-overdue light upon iboga’s true power, and ultimately, argues that responsible use of iboga could play a key role in assisting our species to navigate the socio-cultural minefield in which we have become trapped.