Industrialization Of U.S. Agriculture: An Interpretive Atlas

Howard F Gregor | 1985/2021 | ISBN: 0367018896 | English | 272 pages | ePUB | 4 MB

Originally published in 1986, this volume explores capitalization as an industrialisation indicator and the scale of capitalization in the areas of labor, cropping and in livestock and poultry. Finally the performance of agricultural industrialisation is discussed. This book offers a geographic view of what many consider the ultimate revolution in American agriculture: industrialization. The major technological advances and production increases associated with the process have become a significant event in world agricultural history, and for a long time the great majority of Americans accepted them as natural outcomes of economic and even cultural goals. But for the past thirty to forty years agricultural industrialization has proceeded from “a brisk walk to a dash,” and the increased pressure on smaller farmers and farm-workers, as well as on natural resources, has become serious enough to evoke demands from many quarters for regulatory action. Yet compared to the magnitude of the event and the increasing concern, much is still unknown about its regional character and extent.