Interesting Tested and Tried American Recipes that You Should Try!: An Ode to American Cooking

English | 2022 | ASIN : B09ZYRBKZ5 | 75 pages | AZW PDF | 8 Mb

Most times when we hear about American foods and drinks, what most of all have stored in our brains are junk, fatty, processed, crappy, and greasy foods.
But this is not the truth! American foods are amazing! American foods are delicious! American foods are nutritional! American foods are healthy! American foods are wonderful!!!
There are so many myths surrounding the American cuisine such that we tend to believe that homemade, healthy, and delicious are not words that you can use to describe the cuisine.
This isn’t true as there are some homemade American foods that you would enjoy right in your home!
If you are a part of the people who think the worst of the American cuisine, the job of this recipe book is to change your mentality and introduce you to Impressive American Recipes that would make you love America more!!!