Intrapreneur: How To Become An Employee Your Company Can’t Live Without

English | 2022 | ASIN: B0B35C1DPR, B0B3RL19B2 | EPUB | 172 pages | 0.8 MB

What is intrapreneurship, and how do I become a successful intrapreneur?
First, here are a few famous examples of innovative ideas that came from within
• The personal computer was the derivative of an intrapreneurial idea from an IBM employee
• Frito-Lay’s most successful product–Flamin’ Hot Cheetos–was presented by a janitor at the company
• Amazon’s “Prime membership,” which generates over $19 billion in revenue each year, was an idea submitted to the employee suggestion box
Fostering a culture of entrepreneurship from within is a growing priority for more and more of the world’s leading companies.
Some companies allow employees to use 10% to 20% of their weekly time to be creative and perhaps think outside the box. Often formalized systems make it easy for these employees to submit their ideas to a prescreening committee that moves them along based on merit.
Other organizations conduct a once or twice per year hackathon system where groups are encouraged to work together to develop ideas, present them to a committee, and see how they stand up against ideas from other colleagues inside the organization.
Developing successful ideas not only helps your company to prosper, but it can also help you stand out, get promoted, and even benefit financially. (Remember the janitor at Frito-Lay? He became the VP of Multicultural Sales and Community Promotions at PepsiCo and amassed a personal fortune of over $20 million.)
Yet, beyond a company creating an environment that welcomes new ideas, can intrapreneurship be learned? What are the skills needed to be a successful intrapreneur?
This book goes beyond the superficial and explores identifiable skills observed through peer-reviewed data to make up an intrapreneurial star on the rise.
Being an intrapreneur is a natural progression of the human psyche. We as a species have a yearning to build and improve our environment. It’s what we do. Humans went from darkness to light-on-demand, caves to condominiums, traveling by foot to soaring on rockets.
Do you have the audacity to make your mark?