Lucky’s Marines II (4-6) Audiobooks

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  • Format: mp3
  • Size: 452 MB

NOTE:  I ripped this out into chapters, renamed them with book name and chapters, also tagged each book with it’s own cover.


01 – Lucky Forever
02 – Lucky Invasion
03 – Lucky Revenge

Publisher’s Summary

The universe is fubar.

Mankind has endured two waves of alien invasions and isn’t waiting for a third. But when humanity’s great invasion turns into a disaster, it falls to Sergeant Lucky Lee Savage and his handpicked team of warriors to lead the stranded human forces through a strange and treacherous universe bristling with hostility at every turn.

The universe is on fire. And an ancient enemy is about to end mankind for good. It seems the end has finally come for Lucky and his team.

Or has it? A strange new force is altering the balance of power. But will it save humanity or enslave them once and for all?

Don’t ask Lucky. Just give him a weapon and get out of the way.

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