Mass Term Effect on Fractional Quantum Hall States of Dirac Particles

English | 2022 | ISBN: 9811691657 | 90 Pages | PDF ePUB | 23 MB

This book presents the high-precision analysis of ground states and low-energy excitations in fractional quantum Hall states formed by Dirac electrons, which have attracted a great deal of attention. In particular the author focuses on the physics of fractional quantum Hall states in graphene on a hexagonal boron nitride substrate, which was recently implemented in experiments. The numerical approach employed in the book, which uses an exact numerical diagonalization of an effective model Hamiltonian on a Haldaneā€™s sphere based on pseudopotential representation of electron interaction, provides a better understanding of the recent experiments.
The book reviews various aspects of quantum Hall effect: a brief history, recent experiments with graphene, and fundamental theories on integer and fractional Hall effects. It allows readers to quickly grasp the physics of quantum Hall states of Dirac fermions, and to catch up on latest research on the quantum Hall effect in graphene.