Metal Matrix Composites: Fabrication, Production and 3D Printing

English | 2022 | ISBN: 1032048530 | 267 pages | True PDF | 18.94 MB

Metal Matrix Composites (MMC) are materials that can be tailored to achieve specific properties, influenced by fabrication techniques. “Metal Matrix Composites: Fabrication, Production and 3D Printing” cover various aspects of fabrication, production and new manufacturing techniques including research and development. It includes conventional fabrication techniques and methods required to synthesize micro/nano MMCs. Multivariate approach required to optimize production including development of complex geometries is explained as well.
Provides in-depth information on fabrication, production, and advanced manufacturing of Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs).
Details about matrix, reinforcement, and application-oriented fabrication processes.
Emphasizes on advance processing methods like metal 3D printing, additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques.
Provides comprehensive record of fabrication development in MMCs.
Focus on materials and application-based processing techniques.
This book aims at graduate students, researchers and professionals in micro/nano science and technology, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, metallurgy, and composites.