Metal Matrix Composites: Properties and Applications (Vol. 2)

English | 2022 | ISBN: 1032048573 | 289 pages | True PDF | 33.33 MB

This book gives in-depth coverage of Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs) focusing on micro and nano-reinforcements including hybrid structures, and applications like tribological and corrosion behavior, heat exchanger and so forth. Each chapter covers different perspectives of micro/nano reinforcement and related applications. Major topics covers include new-age reinforcement, fracture, and corrosion behavior, tribological, elastic, elastoplastic, and thermal behavior of MMCs.
Presents detailed analysis on new age reinforcements in Metal Matrix Composites (MMCs).
Discusses application-based analysis of MMCs.
Covers details about convergence of hybrid composite from conventional alloys.
Includes mechanisms and effects of various reinforcement on pertinent properties.
Reviews properties and applications of various MMCs.
This book aims at graduate students, researchers and professionals in micro/nano science & technology, mechanical engineering, industrial engineering, metallurgy, and composites.