Monkeypox Virus: The Next Pandemic?

Amelia McCarey

English | 2022 | ISBN: N/A | ASIN: B0B1VK9CRZ | 49 pages | EPUB | 0.12 Mb
Outbreak of The Next Pandemic? the European Monkeypox outbreaks and you are wondering: What monkeypox is and how dangerous it is.You want to know if it’s Treatable, how contagious it is.
Monkeypox is an intriguing illness like smallpox. It happens predominantly in western and central locales of Africa and until recently, wasn’t a reason to worry in the United Kingdom and United States.
In : The Next Pandemic?, you’ll find out: The history of and what it really is.How you get monkeypox.The signs and symptomsWhether or not it’s contagious How it found its way into the United Kingdom and the United States.What you can do to protect yourself from this virus.. and a lot more.
COVID-19 Pandemic brought the world to its knees, what is the possibility that Monkeypox might do the same?
Buy now and find out.
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