Multiphase Reactor Engineering for Clean and Low-Carbon Energy Applications

English | ISBN: 1118454693 | 2017 | 432 pages | PDF | 14 MB

Provides a comprehensive review on the brand-new development of several multiphase reactor techniques applied in energy-related processes
Almost all of the fuels, chemicals, and materials used by modern society are produced through chemical transformations, where multiphase reactors play the core role in these industrial chemical transformations. Multiphase Reactor Engineering for Clean and Low-Carbon Energy Applications covers the applications of multiphase reactors in the energy-related processes, especially to the emerging processes of clean, highly efficient conversion of fossil fuels to chemical products.
The book provides a comprehensive review on the development and characteristics of conventional and non-conventional multiphase reactors, with topics on the state of the art of applications of multiphase reactors. Each chapter is led by a process description starting with the basic chemical reaction principles followed by the analysis of reactors for the appropriate reactor selection and concluding with industrial development of multiphase reactors.
Multiphase Reactor Engineering for Clean and Low-Carbon Energy Applications features
Emerging processes for novel refining technology, clean coal conversion techniques, hydrogen production and CO2 capture and storage
Current energy-related processes and links the basic principles of emerging processes to the features of multiphase reactors to provide an overview of energy conversion in combination with multiphase reactor engineering
Case studies of novel reactors with illustration of the special features of these reactors
Multiphase systems are found in a number of diverse areas of applications, including the manufacture of petroleum-based products and fuels, the production of commodity and specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, herbicides and pesticides, refining of ores, production of polymers and other materials, and so on. Multiphase reactor engineering will continue to play a key role in industrial developments.