Network Programming with Go Language: Essential Skills for Programming, Using and Securing Networks 2nd Edition

English | 2022 | ISBN: 1484280946 | 385 pages | PDF,EPUB | 4.4 MB

Dive into key topics in network architecture implemented with the Google-backed open source Go programming language. Networking topics such as data serialization, application level protocols, character sets and encodings are discussed and demonstrated in Go. This book has been updated to the Go version 1.18 which includes modules, generics, and fuzzing along with updated and additional examples.
Beyond the fundamentals, Network Programming with Go, Second Edition covers key networking and security issues such as HTTP protocol changes, validation and templates, remote procedure call (RPC) and REST comparison, and more. Additionally, authors Ronald Petty and Jan Newmarch guide you in building and connecting to a complete web server based on Go. Along the way, use of a Go web toolkit (Gorilla) will be employed.
This book can serve as both an essential learning guide and reference on networking concepts and implementation in Go. Free source code is available on Github for this book under Creative Commons open source license.
What You Will Learn

Perform network programming with Go (including JSON and RPC)
Understand Gorilla, the Golang web toolkit, and how to use it
Implement a microservice architecture with Go
Leverage Go features such as generics, fuzzing
Master syscalls and how to employ them with Go
Who This Book Is For
Anyone interested in learning networking concepts implemented in modern Go. Basic knowledge in Go is assumed, however, the content and examples in this book are approachable with modest development experience in other languages.