Non-regular Bath Bombs Recipes That Will Have You Bathing All Day!: The Best Collection of Amazing Homemade Bath Bomb!

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My cousin, Layla, doesn’t joke with her bath bombs. For each time she comes for sleepovers at my place, you will always hear the fizzing of the bombs each time she takes a bath. And I always wonder “what is the big deal about bath bombs?!”
Of course, she tried explaining why bath bombs are the best things that can happen to you! And of course, I didn’t understand what she was talking about until I tried one and I saw the light!! Lol!!
I now understood why she would never have a bath without dropping bath bombs in the tub.
Then I started the ritual of bathing with bath bombs, and I realized some changes such as
• A sweet change in my mood! No matter how cranky or tired I feel after a hard day’s work, bathing with my bath bombs elevates my mood!
• My once upon a tired and aching body gets worked on like I visited a spa!! All my body aches vanish after my bath!
• My body became deodorized, soothed, repaired, and cleansed!
There were a lot of benefits that my body and I started enjoying after I started my bath bombs journey!
From getting introduced to bath bombs, I delved farther into making bath bombs by myself. And that was the height of my bath bombs exposure!
Making bath bombs is a thrilling affair, trust me. When you make your bath bombs yourself, it is cheaper and fun!!
Asides from that, you control the types of ingredients that goes into your bath bombs, and in what quantity.
What is more is that you can add whatever fragrance and color you want to it! Do you rock Tom Ford Beau de Jour scent and you want that scent in your bath bombs, you can have it!!
There is a lot of fun when you make your own bath bombs, and to guide you in ensuring that you get the best quality of homemade bath bomb, I have this recipe book for you!