Plant Growth Regulators in Tropical and Sub-tropical Fruit Crops

English | 2022 | ISBN: 9781003300342 | 652 pages | True PDF | 14.46 MB

Plant growth regulators or plant bio-regulators have emerged as a powerful tool for improving the performance of horticultural crops in general and fruit crops in particular. This book provided recent information on role of plant hormones, how their concentrations are regulated, and how they modulate the various plant processes. ‘Plant Growth Regulators in Tropical, Sub-tropical Fruit Crops’ is a comprehensive book covering function of plant growth regulators in propagation including micro-propagation, growth, flowering and fruiting behaviour, yield, quality, shelf life and stress management etc. This book has 26 chapters covering most of the tropical and sub-tropical fruit crops like aonla, avocado, banana, ber, citrus, custard apple, date palm, fig, grape, guava, jamun, kokam, litchi, mango, mulberry, papaya, passion fruit, sapota, phalsa, pomegranate and strawberry.
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