Reputation Matters: How to Protect Your Professional Reputation

English | 2022 | ISBN: 1472994434 | 289 pages | True PDF EPUB | 2.36 MB

In our modern landscape of social media, viral news stories and fake news, professional reputations can be far too easily dismantled and tarnished. But many senior leaders, entrepreneurs, politicians, talent managers and even in-house lawyers are unaware of the full scope of techniques, methods and precautions that can be taken to prevent, react to, and mitigate reputational crises.
As the lines blur between traditional and social media while misinformation runs rampant, reputations have become both more precious and more fragile than ever. In Reputation Matters, Jonathan Coad draws upon his decades of expertise (both as one of the country’s leading media lawyers and as a highly-regarded editorial lawyer) to provide the essential guide to protecting and managing the professional reputation of both yourself and your organization. Passivity in the face of public criticism is often perceived as implicit guilt, while an inadequate response only digs a deeper hole. With this book, readers will peek behind the curtain of the illusive world of crisis management – learning the best strategies and approaches along the way.
Reputation Matters is an approachable and engaging read for any business professional. In addition to providing the reader with the essential knowledge required, Jonathan offers practical advice to cultivating and securing your reputation. This is complemented by a wide array of first-hand case studies from Jonathan’s illustrious career which serve to both entertain the reader and bring colour and clarity to the book’s valuable insights.