Rock Your Finance: The European Millennial’s Guide to the Personal Finance Galaxy

English | 321 pages | Owen Zammit | Jun 4, 2021 | B096PJ34ZQ | MOBI | 8.34 Mb

Who is this book for?
For beginners: If you have no idea what a stock is and totally lost in the world of managing your money, this book is for you.
For intermediates: If you have some idea about managing your money and maybe even have dabbled in investing but want a simple roadmap, this book is also for you.
For pros: If you are already trading puts and options, this book is probably not for you ��
What’s in it?
The book is divided into 6 sections. Feel free to skim across the contents and read according to your personal preference.
In “Generation (Wh)y”, I will introduce the millennial generation and its relation to personal finance.
In “Stop Spending Stupid ($.$.$)”, I will talk about the behavioral aspect of personal finance. I will explain some of the mental biases we tend to suffer from together with a simple framework you can use to simplify your spending habits and save more. I will also talk about debt and introduce the concept of FIRE.
In “How to Earn More Dough”, I will explain the different types of income sources you can have as an individual and introduce the FIRE Pie. I will talk about the different components of the Pie in further detail and how you can grow each one of them to boost your income.
In “That Adult Thing Called Investing”, I will dive deeper into the last component of the FIRE Pie; Investing. What are some of the basic principles related to investing? What can you invest in? How do you build a portfolio? Why should you even start to invest? How do you research investments? What are the fees involved? What are the risks involved? and much more.
In “Protect Yourself”, I will discuss three components to help you safeguard your finances. These include insurance, pension and taxes. Not the sexiest topics. Granted. But essential to know nonetheless.
In “Make it Last”, I will mention the concept of geo arbitrage, digital nomadism and the future of work.
At the end of each chapter, I have linked all the resources and material which helped inspire me, together with a brief list of actionable insights.