Securities Industry Essentials Exam 2023-2024 For Dummies with Online Practice, 3rd Edition

English | June 8th, 2022 | ISBN: 1119886856 | 384 pages | True EPUB | 3.94 MB

Knock out the SIE on your first try
Securities Industry Essentials Exam 2023-2024 For Dummies is this year’s definitive study guide for prospective securities industry professionals—that means you! FINRA administers this notoriously difficult exam as a prerequisite to the Series 7 and other series level exams, so you’ll need to know your stuff in order to get where you’re going. Securities professionals are in high demand, and this study guide can help you become one of them. You’ll have access to two complete practice tests, plus two more online!
With this trusted Dummies guide, you have everything you need to get a high score on the SIE. Hundreds of practice questions help you internalize the must-know info, and we explain the content in a way you can easily grasp. You’ll go into your securities exam feeling, well, secure!
• Review all the content tested on the Security Industry Professionals exam
• Get prepared with two in-book practice tests and two more online tests
• Launch your dream career in the growing field of securities, commodities, and financial services
• Take an in-depth look at how the SIE exam is structured and how you can improve your score
Let employers see how well you know your stuff—this friendly study guide is your ticket to passing the SIE.