Siemens NX 2020 Design Fundamentals: A Step by Step Guide

English | 2021 | ASIN : B0B17RXJVY | 560 pages | AZW PDF + exercise files | 121 Mb

It is assumed that readers of this textbook have no prior experience in using Siemens NX for modeling 3D parts. This textbook is suitable for anyone interested in learning 3D modeling using Siemens NX.Each chapter deals with the major functions of creating 3D features using simple examples and step by step, self-paced exercises. Additional drawings of 3D parts are provided at the end of each chapter for further self exercises. The final exercises are expected to be completed by readers who have fully understood the content and completed the exercises in each chapter.Topics covered in this textbook- Chapter 1: Basic components of Siemens NX, options and mouse operations. Basic modeling process.- Chapter 2 and 3: Creating sketches and sketch based features.- Chapter 4: Usage of datums to create complex 3D geometry.- Chapter 5: Additional modeling commands such as fillet, chamfer, draft and shell.- Chapter 6: Modification of 3D parts to take advantage of parametric modeling concepts.- Chapter 7: Copying features, modeling objects and bodies.- Chapter 8: Additional modeling commands such as trim body, tube, sweep along guide, emboss and various commands in synchronous modeling.- Chapter 9: Advanced sketch commands.- Chapter 10: Measuring and verifying 3D geometries.- Chapter 11 and 12: Constructing assembly structures and creating or modifying 3D parts in the context of assembly.- Chapter 13 and 14: Creating drawings for parts or assemblies.- Appendix A: Selecting Objects