Single-Serve Recipes: Cooking for One Has Never Been This Exciting!

English | 2022 | ISBN: B09VT7RLZS | 72 pages | AZW3 PDF | 12 MB

Cooking for one can be a challenging task whether you live alone or you simply want to have a hand in your cooking to control what you eat. For one, finding the motivation to do so is hard. After a busy day juggling work and life issues, you probably would not have the energy to get down in the kitchen and cook. Plus, you always have the next best and more convenient options—either to eat out, order food from takeout, or pop some instant food in the microwave.
The convenience of getting food from elsewhere is just too inviting. But the restaurant, takeout, and frozen instant food have their disadvantages. They may either be unhealthy or bland, and they can be expensive. That’s how we saw the need for everyone to learn how to cook for one, and actually enjoy it.
When cooking for yourself, your options are limitless. You may stick to simple recipes that require basic ingredients and kitchen skills, or you may go for extravagant dishes that will boost your mood and keep you happy.
In this recipe book, we will make it easier for you to create meals that are satisfying and healthy. You also do not need to worry about leftovers or a serving that is just not enough. We scaled some delightful recipes to fit your appetite and give you as much nourishment you need for the daily grind!