Smart 3D Nanoprinting: Fundamentals, Materials, and Applications

English | 2022 | ISBN: 1032038616 | 343 pages | True PDF | 23.86 MB

Examining smart 3D printing at the nanoscale, this book discusses various methods of fabrication, the presence of inherent defects and their annihilation, property analysis, and emerging applications across an array of industries. The book serves to bridge the gap between the concept of nanotechnology and the tailorable properties of smart 3D-print products.
Covers surface and interface analysis and smart technologies in 3D nanoprinting
Details different materials, such as polymers, metals, semiconductors, glassceramics, and composites, as well as their selection criteria, fabrication, and defect analysis at nanoscale
Describes optimization and modeling and the effect of machine parameters on 3D-printed products
Discusses critical barriers and opportunities
Explores emerging applications in manufacturing industries, such as aerospace, healthcare, automotive, energy, construction, and defense
Smart 3D Nanoprinting: Fundamentals, Materials, and Applications is aimed at advanced students, researchers, and industry professionals in materials, manufacturing, chemical, and mechanical